Tips for Children

Our children and young people have an online profile and belong to an online community. In the real world, it is as important to have interests and a place to share ideas and communicate with friends, yet it should be coupled with parameters of self protection for each child and the community that the child visits. No matter what the device, the following tips and precautions can be implemented in your child's life and their respective internet lifestyle.

  • Think about whom you want to share and see your personal information.
  • Read each social networking sites privacy settings and set your profile to private is a recommended option.
  • Periodic checks of your contacts or friends to evaluate if they are still to be on your personal contact registry and remember, it is not how many people you know it his how well you know them.
  • Think carefully of what is shared with friends in an effort to limit any information taken out of context and used against you.
  • Internet bullying is prevalent in some of the social networking sites.
  • Protect your password and remember that you and your profile, once on the Internet, is no longer private and you are not anonymous online.
  • Arranging to meet someone that you have met on line is dangerous and should only take place with parental or guardian approval and supervision.
  • When someone's behavior on line makes you fell uncomfortable, is dangerous or scares you, inform your parents, guardian, or an adult you trust, and call your local law enforcement agency.

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